SOUK 3-layer Spice Riser


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Do we hear Spice Rack goals unlocked? Custom designed to ‘float’ and organize your gorgeously labeled spice jars in 3 neat rows - or 4 if you put a row right in front. If you have more than 12 spices, get 2 sets to for a longer (and more stunning) spice display.

What to love:

  • *NEW* Cast Plexiglass - glass-like, scratch-resistant superior than ordinary acrylic
  • Glass-like look highlights your spice jar while staying inconspicuously chic
  • Multi-purpose: you can use these same risers for other pantry items

Great for:
  • Spice racks
  • Pantry – to stack snacks, small jars, small canned goods - use the highest riser to see items all the way at the back


In CM: 27 W x 7.5 D x L1 = 5, L2 = 8, L3 = 12 H

In IN: 10.5 W x 2.75 D x L1 = 1.75, L2 = 3, L3 = 4.5 H