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  • Making Her Mark

    Making Her Mark

    By Imee Magdaraog

    Manila-based interior designer Claudine Medina builds good design by adapting to a household’s lifestyle. It’s a principle she lives by, proving making a home is about beauty and...

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  • In a Place of Grace: Patty Laurel-FIlart

    In a Place of Grace

    By Katherine Alamares

    Mega influencer and homemaker Patty Laurel-Filart wears many hats, each one equally important. But what she’s come to learn over the years is life is not a choice...

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  • The Heart of Homemaking

    The Heart of Homemaking

    By Katherine Alamares

    Beyond the success of Neat Obsessions, Issa Guico Reyes keeps it simple yet meaningful by finding joy in living spaces.

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  • The Power of Three

    The Power of Three

    By Katherine Alamares

    Through their atelier Mayfair & Co., three sisters redefine the conventions of homemaking

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