ANDALUCIA High-wall Acacia Serving Turntray


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The ultimate serving & organizing tray in one beautiful Acacia masterpiece.

Coffee or tea for 2 or 3? Rotating spice or condiments tray? We got you! Organize and serve in one elegant flourish! Our unique serving tray is built with a turntray/lazy susan mechanism for convenient 360 degree access. Another Mayfair & Co. Exclusive.

What to love:

  • Sleek serving tray handle cut-outs combined with turntray mechanism allows for organized and convenient serving
  • High-wall keeps tall items corralled securely
  • Natural, sustainable solid Acacia hardwood complements any home aesthetic
  • Beautiful Acacia wood comes in a wide range of wood grains - no two pieces are exactly alike so you get your own unique piece
  • Modern and functional turntray in one of the most durable and long-wearing hardwoods - a Mayfair & Co. design exclusive
  • Multi-purpose: place anywhere in the home as a decorative turntray 

Great as:

  • Serving tray with easy turning access all around the table
  • Spices and condiments tray
  • Coffee nook tray, snack tray
  • Pantry essentials tray


Diameter  12 inches or 30.48 cm

High-wall 2 inches