TRONDHEIM Wire Mesh Organizing Basket


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The simple secret to reducing clutter: hold items with similar purpose in easy to reach, decorative baskets. Our Trondheim Wire Mesh baskets are a fresh modern take for your home storage. It's the perfect store-and-take around utility basket that's as stylish as they come. Bright and sleek with bamboo handles, it blends well with any home aesthetic. 

What to love:

  • Modern fine wire mesh design - we love how this design reimagines the traditional market basket for functional home use
  • Movable handles allow you to easily grab the basket and take to another room or move from countertop to table

Great for:

  • Decorative kitchen countertop storage - hold fruits, snacks, bread
  • Pantry organizer - perfect pull-out holder for bulk packages or stock items of baking supplies, pantry essentials like rice, grains, pasta, condiments
  • Efficient Cleaning caddy - great holder for your cleaning and disinfectant sprays and tools - store in the same basket, pull out when you need, carry from room to room as you clean, and store the whole basket back in your tools cabinet


  • SMALL  CM: 24 L x 24 W x 17 H       |  IN: 9.4 L x 9.4 W x 6.7 H
  • LARGE  CM: 36.5 L x 24 W  x 17 H   |  IN: 14 L x 9.4 W x 6.7 H