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We’re delighted to have you at our Atelier.

Likely you’ve come because we share the same challenge. This whole home organizing affair can already be quite daunting - to get it done simply and with style still perfectly on point is something we know all of us wish for.

Storage and organizing containers abound, yet only a few come quite close to being as stylish that they would be display-worthy. Frankly, quite a lot end up being eye sores in our meticulously styled homes (we suspect that’s why pantries have doors). And the few that pass the test, often come with faint-inducing price tags.

Once in a blue moon, you may chance upon a piece or two that do blend with your abode. But then you realize that you have none to very little resource (and patience?) to complete the process and properly label them in any manner of decent style.

Oh the years we’ve been toiling with the same predicament!

So we finally decided, once and for all, to roll up our sleeves and rise to the challenge. Perhaps it is serendipitous that our professions in the past presented a unique opportunity to provide a solution to this dilemma. Combining years of interior design savvy and decades of expertise in all things adhesive – we endeavored to create a simple way to make sure that neat-seeking humans like us are able to not just organize, but to do so in style.

We scoured and curated only the chicest, display-worthy storage pieces to simplify the options for you – edited only to pieces that tick both FUNCTION & STYLE. And we also went the extra mile to make labelling as easy as 1-2-3 – by providing you with purposeful, beautiful and easily customizable label templates that give every organizing task that critical finishing touch, without you having to break extra sweat.

It is our hope that our efforts will soon become a reliable and convenient ally in making all your home organizing dreams come true, all done simply and beautifully.

Have a grand time shopping!

Mayfair & Co.