SEGOVIA Mahogany Step Shelf


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Your all-around pantry and countertop organizer in beautiful Acacia hardwood. Easily stack and locate your spice jars, pantry jars, canned goods and see all the way to the back of your pantry cabinet with this modern Acacia Step Shelf. Handcrafted in the Philippines.

Available in: Natural Wood & White Washed Wood

What to love:

  • Natural, sustainable solid Acacia hardwood complements any home aesthetic
  • Sleek and modern geometric slim-step design in one of the most durable and long-wearing hardwoods - a Mayfair & Co. design exclusive
  • Multi-purpose: you can use these same risers for other pantry items and canned goods organization

Great as:
  • Spice rack
  • Pantry riser – to stack snacks, small jars, small canned goods, specialty bottles - use the highest riser to see items all the way at the back
  • Drinking glass/tumbler organizer


In CM:  30.5 W x 27 D (9 per step) x L1 = 2 , L2 = 7.5 , L3 = 13 H

In IN: 12 W x 10.6 D (3.5 per step) x L1 = 0.7, L2 = 2.9 , L3 = 5.1 H