BASIC TEXT Labels - Small (Set of 18)


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The organizing process isn't complete without that critical step that will ensure your sorted and organized space is maintained - labelling! Labelling ensures that everyone in the household knows where everything is and where to put them right back. Without labels, all order can be undone in a matter of days, sometimes within hours!

Because we understand how important this step is, our Label Studio is here to make labelling easy, simple and convenient for you - your very own Label Maker on call, just a few clicks away! 

Our Customizable Basic Text Organizing Labels provide a simple yet stylish way to label your files, folders, storage boxes and bins. Customize your text, font and label color to your needs and style.

What to love:

  • Simple, straightforward layout - labels don't need to scream, but they need to be discreetly stylish enough to blend with your home aesthetic
  • Neutral shades ensure your labels don't detract from your space
  • Font style options thoughtfully edited to work with a wide range of home aesthetic - all stylish and elegant
  • All our labels are customizable on premium embossed-print matte vinyl labels that are waterproof, oil-proof, fade-proof, repositionable, and wont leave any white adhesive residue on surfaces

Great for:

  • Small Basic Text labels 0.5 x 2 inches
    • Labelling files, folders, expanding file envelopes for home, school, office
    • Simple option for labelling pantry jars, spice jars and canisters
  • Medium Basic Text labels 1 x 2 inches
    • Labelling drawers, bins, storage boxes  for home, school, office
    • Simple option for labelling pantry jars, spice jars and canisters
    • Widths of  jars/storage/containers should at least be 3 inches
  • Large Basic Text labels 2 x 3 inches
    • Labelling large storage containers for seasonal home items - winter coats, special bed linens, tableware, cutlery, Christmas ornaments
    • Widths of jars/storage/containers/bins should at least be 4 inches


  • The minimum widths above (at least 3, 4 inches) are indicated so labels will fit the width of your intended jars/storage, we recommend you follow these to ensure the labels will fit your jars/storage
  • Should you need labels larger than our standard sizes, please head on over to GET IN TOUCH and indicate your preferred size/design or email us at and we'll be happy to quote and craft them for you