DUBLIN BPA-Free Spray Decanters


Amber Frost
Clear Frost
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Cleaning and disinfecting can already be quite a mess but your cleaning tools don't need to be!

Multi-colored packaging in various shapes and sizes usually contribute to clutter and disarray. Avoid this common dilemma by decanting in chic, neutral-hued decanters that don't become eyesores in your space.


Clutter and Money-saving Organizing Tip: Decant your cleaners and disinfectants into similar, neutral-hued, labelled decanters so they are easy to maintain and organize. You also save a pretty penny by buying your disinfectants in bulk and save the earth too by reducing continuous purchase of plastic packaging. Clean, disinfect, garden, and freshen your space in style and in organized Zen with our sleek and industrial-grade fine mist sprays. Get a set of 2 to conveniently distinguish sprays for different areas of your home. Available in Emerald and Smoke.


  • Amber (with black pump)
  • Amber Frost (with black pump)
  • Clear Frost (with frost pump)

What to love: 

  • Form and function rolled in one - high-grade BPA-free plastic, safe for diluted bleach and commercial-use cleaning agents
  • Fine Mist sprays push out an even mist for easy cleaning and disinfecting
  • BPA-free, lead-free, food-safe PET material

Each piece already comes with its own {free} customizable premium embossed-print matte label that is:

  • waterproof, oil-proof
  • fade-proof
  • repositionable

Select from any of our Signature Design Templates and customize the text and label shade to your needs and style.

Great decanter for:

  • Cleaning & disinfecting - All purpose cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, Kitchen cleaner, Glass cleaner
  • Room freshener spray
  • Plants & Garden - Plants misting spray

Capacity & Dimensions:

500mL | 3in W x 8in H 


*Note: As part of strict sanitation procedures, we aim to ensure minimal handling of all items. As such, labels are shipped together with each piece, for safe in-home application by each customer. Label application instructions will be sent with your package. You may also view our Easy Breezy Label Application Guide video.