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6 Tips on How Organization Labels Can Spruce Up Your Home


Organizing your home can be challenging, especially if you’re a busybody with a packed schedule. You may not have enough time to sort and organize things daily, which can get pretty stressful enough that you’ll keep putting it off for another day. Because of this, you may have to battle with the clutter each time. Indeed, having to search for an item constantly can drive anyone crazy.

However, all hope is not lost. You can still restore order in your home even if you live in an overly cluttered space—and all it takes is a proper labeling system. With organization labels, you can find anything at a glance and become stress-free from all the clutter. Here are some labeling tips you can use to keep your home clean and orderly. 


Why Labeling Matters

Using organization labels prevents visual clutter, eliminating the stress of quickly finding what you need. This can also save you time from rummaging through the mess and focus your energy on things that actually matter. 

Aside from that, labeling your storage makes it easier to put things back where they belong for more convenient organization. With a proper labeling system, you can make sure that everything has a home, and you won’t be spending time running around the house trying to look for your things.


Tips on Using Labels to Organize Your Home

1. Make sure your labels are readable


organization labels

The first and most important part of labeling is to make sure that you can read and understand the label. All comes to moot if you don’t know what you wrote down, leading you to go on a hunt and find the things you need. 

If you think that your handwriting isn’t as pretty, you can use a different label format, such as sticker labels. When doing so, choose the appropriate typography for your labels. Make sure the fonts are legible and help you identify what’s inside the container with just one look. 


2. Use application-friendly labels 

Containers that are used for different things should have easily replaceable labels. With that, you’ll have to check which containers are permanently assigned to an item and which ones can be used alternately. 

For example, you can use kitchen containers for various food items like cereal. In this case, you may want to use easy-to-remove stickers to help you identify what kind of cereal that is. With that, you won’t have to worry about buying a new container just so you can put a different label on it. 


3. Incorporate a noticeable color scheme 


organization labels

Injecting a color scheme to your organization labels is a great way to distinguish between different categories of items. Colors are noticeable and can help you quickly recall where they should be.

However, make sure you use colors that are easy on the eyes and won’t overpower the color of your font. Moreover, make sure to use colors that aren’t too light so that you can easily read the label without having to squint your eyes. 


4. Have custom labels according to your needs 

For some containers in your home, custom designer labels may be just what they need. You can use these containers to amp up the distinctness of the containers from one another. For example, you can use a custom label for your hand wash versus your shampoo, conditioner, and the like. You can even use this for your herbs and spices in the kitchen. 

Not only do they help you organize your home, but they can also beautify your containers, turning them into décor that’s pleasing to the eyes. 


5. Create multiple label systems


home organization labels
Let’s admit, using the same organization labeling system can get old and boring pretty fast. To avoid this, get creative and use multiple label systems to give your containers a fun design. Try matching the label system with the category of the item. 

Instead of using the old sticker label for your arts and crafts, maybe you can switch up your container with chalkboard paint. Experiment with other labeling systems like plastic stencils for your office supplies at home or magnetic strips for your shelves. 


6. Organize your labeled containers

Lastly, don’t forget to organize your labels. Yes, labels help you find things quickly. However, it may get confusing if the labeled items are in disarray and there’s no “flow” to the organization of your containers. To put it simply, try organizing your home storage labels in such a way that similar things or things in the same category are grouped in one place. 

You can put your container for pencils and bond papers in one place since they’re in the same category, which is your office supplies. In this way, your containers have an easy flow guiding you to where the things you’re looking for are. 


Organization at its Finest

Home organization can be a pain, especially if you have so many belongings and not enough time to sort them. Because of this, it gets incredibly frustrating trying to rummage through a pile of clutter to find one thing. However, you can still achieve an organized home with a proper label system. 

Labels serve as an essential organizing tool to keep your space (and life) in order. With that, check out our website and get the most stylish storage solutions with customizable labels at Mayfair & Co. today.

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