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10 Best Gift Ideas for Home Storage and Organization


Gift-hunting is no easy feat. It requires creativity, imagination, and patience. And even if you put your entire heart into it, you’re seldom assured that what you pick is something the recipient will like. That’s mostly true for when you get older, and you’re gifting people you’ve been giving presents to for a long time. At some point, your choices get more and more limited. It just gets challenging. 

The best gifts may not be the most unique, but rather, the most functional—gifts your recipients can actually use. Case in point: home organization items. Your loved ones who appreciate staying organized will love them. Meanwhile, those who are clutter-prone will be inspired to keep all their stuff tidy once and for all. Your gift proves a winner either way.

To help you get started on this gift-hunting track, here’s a list of home organizing gift ideas to explore.


A Clutter-Free Gift Guide: 10 Best Organization Gifts

1. Screwcap Jars

bordeaux artisan screwcap jars

BORDEAUX Artisan Acacia Screwcap Jars Gift Set

Screwcap jars have existed for quite some time, thanks to their functionality. They’re perfect for coffee grain, powdered sugar, and even loose tea leaves. Whatever your gift recipient’s hot beverage of choice is first thing in the morning, these stylish jars will add flavor and flair to the start of their day. 

Plus, they get to exercise their wrist a little every time they twist these jars open. They’ll thank you for that bit of action.


2. Pump Decanters

madison glass decanter bottle

MADISON High-grade Glass Pump Decanter Gift Set

These are perfect for people who need a bit more organization on their countertops.  Decanters are one of the best ways to create neat, uniform, and clutter-free spaces. They're great for decanting home liquids, from disinfectants, hand soaps, dish soaps, and hand creams. 

These decanters come in different styles, so whatever aesthetic your gift recipients have, there’s something that will suit them just right.


 3. Turntrays

 lazy susan turn tray

SIENNA Acacia Turntray

If you’ve noticed coffee, tea, or condiments haphazardly displayed in your loved ones’ kitchen, it’s time for an intervention. In this case, a turntray is your best friend. You may shop for a wooden turntray with a functional and modern design. The best part about this home gift idea is that it’s built with a lazy susan mechanism for convenient 360 degree access.


 4. Risers

 multipurpose risers

BASEL Multi-purpose Risers

When it comes to organization gifts, you can’t go wrong with risers. They don’t just keep stuff tidy. They are space savers, too. With a riser, your gift recipients can double whatever display space they have at home. This clever storage solution can be quite discreet, especially if you choose the clear acrylic variants.


 5. File Organizers/Folders

 file organizer

WALL STREET Minimalist File Organizing Set

Whether you’re giving this present to someone who works from home or an office, chances are your gift will be much appreciated. 

Sometimes people who deal with many papers and documents daily forget the importance of a functional file organizer and folder. It’s your opportunity to step up and be a lifesaver with a simple but highly useful present.


 6. Woven Baskets

 woven basket

HAMPTON White Sand Seagrass Baskets

These baskets look chic, and they’re functional to boot. Think of these home gift ideas as the perfect combination of form and substance. Your gift recipients will love them. Stuff you can store in these baskets ranges from snacks to toys and everything in between.


 7. Wooden Trays

 wooden condiment holder

FLORENCE Wooden Slotted Condiment Holder

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re digging into a delicious dish, and just when you feel like a dash of salt and pepper would make your food even more delicious, you can’t find the salt and pepper shaker? That is where a wooden tray comes in. It can hold condiments, among other things, in one stylish place.

Your recipient can use wooden trays for other purposes, too. For instance, it can be used to have breakfast in bed or keep decorative items in one place.


 8. Wooden Caddy

 wooden caddy

HAMPSHIRE Wooden Caddy

A caddy is a small storage container perfect for essential items like gadgets and toiletries. It’ll blend well in any kitchen or bathroom. You can even have a wooden caddy in the living room and use it to store chargers, remote controls, and other gadgets you need within reach.


 9. Sectional Organizers

 sectional organizer

FINLAND Sectional Organizer

A sectional organizer works for wallets or any collection of stuff. You can find various types of sectional organizers out there to fit your recipient’s needs. For example, you can get one for your makeup enthusiast friend or your family member with one too many stationery items. Your loved ones will no longer have to contend with clutter with this gift.


 10. Pre-made labels

 pre-made organization labels

Mayfair & Co. Label Studio

Gift your loved ones with pre-made labels that will make their storage game on point. As simple as this organization gift idea is, it will be extremely helpful to gift recipients who are too busy to DIY their storage labels.


The Gift of Organization

The next time you’re shopping for presents, decide to give the gift of organization. Inspire your gift recipients to declutter and become an advocate of order. 

For these purposes, you have organization gifts at your disposal. From kitchen storage to home storage labels, your choices run the gamut. Rest assured, you’re not only sharing a wrapped present with your recipients. Essentially, you will be giving them peace of mind.

Once you’re ready to make your pick, check out Mayfair & Co. for the most stylish storage solutions and customizable labels. Have fun choosing.

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