LUCCA Hand-carved Marble Trays


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What can be more elegant and luxurious than 100% pure marble?

Hand-carved by artisan craftsmen in the Philippines, our marble trays are exquisite pieces of functional decor that are absolute must-haves for every stylish home. 

What to love:

  • 100% Pure natural marble - each piece is unique
  • Natural Philippine white marble with intricate grey veining 
  • Hand-carved in the Philippines 

Great for:

  • Organizing catch tray for our Puglia Artisan Glass Oil & Sauce cruets
  • Organizing catch tray for liquid pump decanters for your kitchen, bathrooms, powder room, entryways
  • Foyer or entryway holder of keys, coins, hand disinfectants
  • Elegant vignette holder for center tables, side tables, countertops


  • Do not use the trays with any citrus juices or liquids that are acidic - this causes marble erosion
  • Wipe dry immediately when wet, do not let water or liquids settle or soak for a long time
  • Do not microwave or expose to high heat


PETITE: L 4.75 x W 8 in

GRANDE: L 10 x W 14 in