CUSTOMER ADVISORY: STRICTLY NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE on Factory Sale items. We guarantee that all items are fully functional and useable. Imperfections are superficial and do not affect the functional integrity of the items. Photo descriptions below show types of imperfections for items included in the factory sale for illustration purposes. Actual Item may vary.

FACTORY SALE: TUSCANY Artisan Acacia Jars - Silicone Lids

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We take great care in maintaining high quality standards.

While not all pieces pass our strict QA process, most of them are perfectly useable and remain highly functional despite superficial flaws.

We would hate to add to unnecessary waste so we've created our Factory Sale section in the hopes of finding these pieces with minor flaws their own happy homes by providing a significant discount.


The best-kept simple solution to keeping your kitchen and pantry organized and clutter-free: Decanting food items in SIMILAR, CLEAR, AIRTIGHT LABELLED containers. Here's why:

  • Keeps food fresh longer and avoids pests - leaving them in their half-opened boxes and containers make them go stale fast and attract insects or pests
  • Allows you to see how much you have left per item - reducing unused, expired items
  • Allows you to plan your grocery list and save money by buying in refills/bulk (and save the planet too by reducing plastic waste!)

Bid goodbye to days when pantry storage needs to be hidden. Our Tuscany Artisan Acacia jars can store many a pantry item and still look display-worthy.

What to love:

  • Natural and sustainable Acacia hardwood lids give these jars a artisanal yet contemporary feel – it’s a great functional accent to any kitchen design
  • Raw and rustic Acacia wood finish contrast against the ultra-clear, modern glass give a charming aesthetic
  • Slim, space-making jars are great to store and organize daily use pantry items
  • Made from superior-quality Borosilicate glass - THE glass of choice in restaurants and even medical labs for their highest standard for food safety, durability, being less prone to breakage vs ordinary glass and resistance to high heat and temperature changes
  • BPA-free, lead-free, toxin free
  • Airtight lids ensure food stays fresh
  • Silicone seal is aesthetically designed not to peek through the glass

Great decanter for:

  • Vanity items - cotton balls, cotton buds, hair clips, hair ties, make-up brushes
  • Daily use pantry items like coffee, tea, creamer, oats
  • Pasta, rice, quinoa, nuts, seeds, non-sweet snacks
  • Baking ingredients cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch
  • For SWEET items - we recommend to select our SICILY SCREWCAP JARS for extra protection against overzealous little friendlies :)

 Each piece already comes with its own {free} customizable premium embossed-print matte label that is:

  • waterproof, oil-proof
  • fade-proof
  • repositionable

 Select from any of our Signature Design Templates and customize the text and label shade to your needs and style.


Capacity | Dry Weight Equivalent | Dimensions:

325mL | 1.3 cups | 172g  CM: 9.5W x 8.8 H     IN: 3.6 W x 3.2 H

500mL | 2 cups | 264g    CM: 9.5 W x 11.5 H   IN: 3.6 W x 4.3 H

750mL | 3 cups | 396g    CM: 9.5 W x 16.2 H      IN: 3.6 W x 6.1 H

1.8L | 7.6 cups  | 950g      CM: 9.5 W x 31 H     IN: 3.6 W x 12 H


*Note: As part of strict sanitation procedures, we aim to ensure minimal handling of all items. As such, labels are shipped together with each piece, for safe in-home application by each customer. Label application instructions will be sent with your package. You may also view our Easy Breezy Label Application Guide video.