CUSTOMER ADVISORY: STRICTLY NO RETURN, NO EXCHANGE on Factory Sale items. We guarantee that all items are fully functional and useable. Imperfections are superficial and do not affect the functional integrity of the items. Photo descriptions below show types of imperfections for items included in the factory sale for illustration purposes. Actual Item may vary.

FACTORY SALE: SYDNEY Scandi Minimalist Bins

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We take great care in maintaining high quality standards.

While not all pieces pass our strict QA process, most of them are perfectly useable and remain highly functional despite superficial flaws.

We would hate to add to unnecessary waste so we've created our Factory Sale section in the hopes of finding these pieces with minor flaws their own happy homes by providing a significant discount.


Our minimalist answer to the usual bulky storage bins. These Scandi-inspired, sleek, stackable and space-making bins are every stylish home organizer’s must-have. We recommend to start with a base 4-piece stack and build on specific sizes according to your pantry and storage needs.

What to love:

  • Slim, yet roomy silhouette of these containers are perfect for small storage spaces, and equally perfect to maximize large pantry spaces too
  • We love how each piece can be puzzle-stacked with other sizes to keep our pantry, laundry, and under-sink cabinets neat and organized
  • Slim, airtight lids also give that neat, minimalist look while keeping food and other items fresh
  • Clear top lids allow for easy viewing of contents even from a top view
  • BPA-free, lead-free, ultra-clear PET containers makes food storage safe and uber-convenient

Great decanter for:
  • Regular use pantry items like rice, pasta, grains, oats
  • Breakfast and snacks - cereals, biscuits, graham crackers, cookies, jellies
  • Baking ingredients like flour, cake flour, bread flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, sugar, brown sugar
  • Laundry items – detergent powder, laundry soaps

Each piece already comes with its own {free} customizable premium embossed-print matte label that is:
  • waterproof, oil-proof
  • fade-proof
  • repositionable

Select from any of our Signature Design Templates and customize the text and label color to your needs and style.

Capacity | Dry Weight Equivalent | Dimensions:

(a) 450mL - 1.9 cups - 238g
In inches - 2.3in H x 3.5in W x 6in D
In cm - 5.8cm H x 8.9cm W x 15.2cm D

(b) 1L - 4.2 cups - 529g
In inches - 4.4in H x 3.5in W x 6in D
In cm - 11.2cm H x 8.9cm W x 15.2cm D

(c) 1.5L - 6.3 cups - 793g
In inches - 6.5in H x 3.5in W x 6in D
In cm - 16.5cm x 8.9cm W x 15.2cm D

(d) 2L - 8.2 cups - 1.05Kg
In inches - 8.7in H x 3.5in W x 6in D

In cm - 22.1cm H x 8.9cm W x 15.2cm D

*Note: As part of strict sanitation procedures, we aim to ensure minimal handling of all items. As such, labels are shipped together with each piece, for safe in-home application by each customer. Label application instructions will be sent with your package. You may also view our Easy Breezy Label Application Guide video.