VERONA CIRCOLO Artisan Glass Oil & Sauce Cruet


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A new silhouette to everyone's favorite oil & sauce decanting staple - new VERONA CERCHIA Artisan Glass Oil & Sauce Cruet in a chic round glass - another Mayfair & Co. Exclusive.

What to love:

  • Round silhouette artisan handblown glass - each piece is manually handblown to achieve its uniquely organic, asymmetrical shape - no two pieces are exactly identical - each piece is perfectly imperfect as is customary for manually handblown glass
  • Purposeful and elegant funnel neck makes it easy to decant liquids – no need for a separate liquid funnel
  • Full glass design, absolutely no plastic parts
  • Specially sanded frosted neck pressed down firmly keeps it airtight and the pouring tip firmly in place 
  • Made from high-grade Borosilicate glass - THE glass of choice for the highest standards of food safety and the only glass used for medical labs:
    • High heat tolerance and thermal-shock resistant, making it safe around high-temperature areas like your stove (much safer than the plastic containers of some cooking oils and sauces as well as regular glass liquid dispensers)
    • Significantly more durable and less breakable than ordinary glass dispensers
    • Does not discolor, leach chemicals nor absorb flavor and odor from the liquids (hello fish sauce and vinegar)

    Special #MayfairHome tip: Its roomier-than-most mouth opening and glass body allow you to infuse your own Olive oil with fresh ingredients like garlic, basil, rosemary. Read up how on the Mayfair Home blog.

    Great for:
    • All types of oils – olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, sesame oil
    • Liquid cooking sauces – soy sauce, fish sauce, vinegar, rice wine vinegar

    Each piece already comes with its own {free} customizable premium embossed-print matte label that is:
    • waterproof, oil-proof
    • fade-proof
    • repositionable

    Select from any of our Signature Design Templates and customize the text and label shade to your needs and style.

    Capacity | Dimensions:

    500mL | CM: 6 W x 25.7 H  | IN: 2.3 W x 10.1 H

    *Note: As part of strict sanitation procedures, we aim to ensure minimal handling of all items. As such, labels are shipped together with each piece, for safe in-home application by each customer. Label application instructions will be sent with your package. You may also view our Easy Breezy Label Application Guide video.