ADELAIDE Scandi Minimalist Bins


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Our minimalist answer to the usual bulky storage bins. These Scandi-inspired, pristine white, stackable and space-making bins are every stylish home organizer’s must-have. 

What to love:

  • 100% Airtight lids
  • Slim, yet roomy silhouette of these containers are perfect for small storage spaces, and equally perfect to maximize large pantry spaces too
  • We love how each piece can be puzzle-stacked with other sizes to keep our pantry, laundry, and under-sink cabinets neat and organized
  • Slim, airtight lids also give that neat, minimalist look while keeping food and other items fresh
  • Clear top lids allow for easy viewing of contents even from a top view
  • BPA-free, lead-free, ultra-clear PET containers makes food storage safe and uber-convenient

Great decanter for:
  • Regular use pantry items like rice, pasta, grains, oats
  • Breakfast and snacks - cereals, biscuits, graham crackers, cookies, jellies
  • Baking ingredients like flour, cake flour, bread flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, sugar, brown sugar
  • Laundry items – detergent powder, laundry soaps

Each piece already comes with its own {free} customizable premium embossed-print matte label that is:
  • waterproof, oil-proof
  • fade-proof
  • repositionable

Select from any of our Signature Design Templates and customize the text and label color to your needs and style.

Capacity | Dry Weight Equivalent | Dimensions:

(a) 800mL - 3.3 cups -423g
In inches - 3.5in H x 4in W x 5.1in D
In cm - 9.1cm H x 10.4cm W x 13cm D

(b) 1.1L - 4.6 cups - 582g
In inches - 4.7in H x 4in W x 5.1in D
In cm - 12cm H x 10.4cm W x 13cm D

(c) 1.65L - 6.9 cups - 873g
In inches - 7in H x 4in W x 5.1in D
In cm - 17.9cm H x 10.4cm W x 13cm D

*Note: As part of strict sanitation procedures, we aim to ensure minimal handling of all items. As such, labels are shipped together with each piece, for safe in-home application by each customer. Label application instructions will be sent with your package. You may also view our Easy Breezy Label Application Guide video.