GIFT SET Cooktop Essentials with PUGLIA Artisan Glass Oil & Sauce Cruets


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Thoughtful and purposeful.

Our Cooktop Essentials gift set is beautiful and practical that will find purpose in any home.

The set includes 2 shaker spice jars for Salt and Pepper as well as 2 all-glass cruets for Cooking Oil and Soy Sauce.

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Say goodbye to plastic liquid containers. Our artisan Puglia all-glass cruets are the epitome of function and style. An elegant easy-fill funnel neck makes it easy to decant liquids without needing a funnel. Made with superior-grade Borosilicate glass ensures oils and sauces stay fresh longer. Borosilicate glass is THE glass of choice for food and even medical labs - no chemical leaching, significantly less breakable than ordinary glass and high heat tolerance ensures cooking liquids are safe around the hot stove.

Our well-loved Acacia spice jars are now in a new slimmer silhouette fitted with removable shaker lids and designed for those spices & seasonings that you just love to shake and sprinkle.

This Gift Set includes:

  • Artisan Oil & Sauce Cruet - 2 
  • Shaker Spice Jars - 2
  • Mayfair & Co. Gifting Kit & Label Application Service- Kraft Box, Ribbon, Gift tag, Label application - 1 set (FREE - P200 value)